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My... story :D

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My... story :D Empty My... story :D

Post by Dusky on Sat Feb 28, 2009 11:28 pm


So, i'll pick up somewhere...
When i was like 10 or something i read a magazine, and there was an article about Hammerhead Rhythm Station. (OMG)
That's when y started building simple beats. Kinda funny to reminisce, but yeah.
Short while later i started taking drum lessons (still do now).
WHen i was 11 years old i moved (temporarily) to Japan for my dad's work.
Just after i turned 12 i decided i wanted to go back to where i live now (the Netherlands), to do my high school here.
I think that was a good choice.
When i was 13 years old i became partially sighted (still am &@!#*$). Went through some rough times, hospital, trying to find out what was wrong, but no clear answer was found.
When i was 14 i had my first girlfriend, she handicap and i'm not gonna go deeper into that.
Went on for about 6 months then she ended the relationship with a real bad reason.
That was also the year that i went to a specials chool to learn some skills to help me out with my visual impair.
Learned braille but i laid off it when i got off the school.
Now i work with a standard Windows magnifier. It works... so...
I also had my second gf at that special school, had a great time at school camp. After i went to another school that didn't hold very long.
Now i'm in the 4th grade of high school (5th is final grade).

Anyway, back to the Hammerhead thing.
After a while i found a program named HotStepper, sample sequencer.
Of course that sounded a bit cheap, but atleast i was making music with it (i was like 11 or so).
Later, around agust 2006 i started using FL Studio. Practiced with it very much.
'bout 4 Months later i created a song for my gf that i had back then. She never got it. Broke up before i had a chance to give it to her.
Just before i turned 16 i made a song that i still love myself.
Then in the first half of 2008 i lost inspiration. Halfway 2008 i found inspiration in a chord progression tutorial (yes indeed).
I built my own chord progression, built a song, and never finished it (lol).
And now i'm practicing alot with vocals, because, as i already mentioned, i want to work with a singer (preferably female, suitable for trance music and so on).

Blah, had enough.

Hope you enjoyed my partial life story.

Beginner pianist
Beginner pianist

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My... story :D Empty Re: My... story :D

Post by Pianokid220 on Sat Mar 07, 2009 2:32 am

You had some up's and down's
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Well-known Pianist

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My... story :D Empty Re: My... story :D

Post by Admin Andrew on Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:17 am

Hey, sounds like a rough life, but you probably dont' need to hear more sympathy since that won't help problems.

Why not focus on the one thing you enjoy, or the one thing you are good at, and make it your obsession, develop ridiculous skill in that area, just dedicate your life to it. You will become so amazing at that skill that you will be able to make a career off of it. ^_^

Once we find our way in life, everything starts to fall into place. All you need to do is find yours.

"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of other's cannot keep it from themselves."

My... story :D Piano_10
Take care,

Andrew Furmanczyk :: ::
Admin Andrew
Admin Andrew

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My... story :D Empty Re: My... story :D

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