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Piano Dog's Lick of The Week

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Piano Dog's Lick of The Week  Empty Piano Dog's Lick of The Week

Post by kentaku_sama on Sun May 20, 2012 2:17 pm

Hey, so I've seen a thousand guitar videos on YouTube on lick of the week and all YouTube has on piano is basics and upper beginner stuff but almost nothing on advanced or upper intermediate material. So I decided to do the first piano lick of the week series. I thought I'd start by doing percussive left hand accompaniment which is where the left hand in a song plays more of a percussive back and forth motion to replicate the rhythmic feel of drums. I'll also be doing my own takes on modes, odd time signatures, fills and runs ect...
Hope it'll be fun, plan to release one a week. Wrote my script so I'll make the video hopefully in a couple of days. Tell me what you'd like to see Note: Keep in mind my piano skills aren't perfect and far from concert level so I can do alot of things but I can't shred arpeggios down the piano at lightning speed... Yet... Razz
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