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I have problems counting.

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I have problems counting.

Post by Christian on Sat Sep 13, 2008 2:32 pm


As the topic says I have problems counting.

The song Im currently learning is in 4/4 so it should be real easy right? I have a very good sense of rythm, but I have no sense of breaking it down. I feel, so when I try to count I cant do it.

I try to tap my foot, and suddenly the speed of the foot increases.

I try to count it out loud, and the speed increases when there are more notes. Im at 4 before the bar is done.

This is annoying and slowing me down alot. Any ideas?

Ive tried watching some movies about it but no luck.

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Re: I have problems counting.

Post by Aritus on Sat Sep 13, 2008 3:49 pm

metronome until you get a feel for it I guess. I generally don't count (silly as it sounds) I play what sounds right.

best way to improve is play whole notes on the c major scale while counting in your head "one and, two and, three, and four, one, and two, etc" the play it in half notes (there will be 2 notes every time you get to 4) the play quarter notes, then eighth notes, then 16th notes. Do not move on until you can begin and end each note in time consistently with out changing tempo.

may take about 10 minutes but youll get it pretty fast.

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