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Noctruen Op9 No2 Question

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Noctruen Op9 No2 Question Empty Noctruen Op9 No2 Question

Post by Thomandy on Thu Jan 29, 2009 4:42 am

Hi Smile I got a question about Stretto in this Nocturne and general!

Noctruen Op9 No2 Question Strett10

On the picture the stretto is sort of applied to the last two octaves since its written underneath them, so I guess I shouldt think of stretto when I keep on going down with the octaves?? This is at least how Rubinstein does, he only plays those two octaves stretto and continues with steady octaves after that! So I was just wondering what you think, and if also marks/comments like that ends meaning something at the end of the bars like accidentals ect?! Smile


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Noctruen Op9 No2 Question Empty Re: Noctruen Op9 No2 Question

Post by Admin Andrew on Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:51 am

Well, how I was taught this by my teacher years ago is that the stretto is until the end of the phrase, which is usually the case when you have a term marking. I mean if you see a Forte marking under a chord that doesn't generally mean only THAT chord will be forte right?

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Noctruen Op9 No2 Question Piano_10
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