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A fur elise surprise

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A fur elise surprise Empty A fur elise surprise

Post by Admin Andrew Sat Jun 20, 2009 5:42 pm

Hi Andrew,

My name is René, I’m 21 years old and from a little town near Nürnberg, Germany (so I beg you... forgive me some little mistakes.)
At first I want to thank you. Thank you for showing me the forbidden fruit and especially thank you for your influence on my world view. I’ve seen a lot of your piano tutorials... and I think, I’ve studied some of them. But in fact, I had never access to a piano (or keyboard) and I’m worry that this cannot be changed in the next few years.
There was just one day in my life, where I had the opportunity to play a real piano, and that’s my story. I call it “My Elise day”....

Just a couple of weeks ago, my sister send me a present... it was a funny little thing called “Ocarina” (I think you know what it is because... you have one!^^) and this was my very first contact with an instrument. I was very ambitious with the ocarina... so with some help of Docjazz4’s tutorials it was very funny for me to learn it. After a while I found that video on Youtube “To Zanarkand”, it was just amazing. I was interested in that talented artist in front of the piano…it was you (halleluja, lol). Instantly I checked out your channel for more information. Some clicks later there was your first piano tutorial in front of my monitor and I thought “OK, music theory is music theory and if I could learn it on the piano, it should be no problem to reproduce it to the ocarina.” But at least after your “für Elise tutorial”, I’ve got this itchy feeling in the tips of my fingers… I had the desire to play on a real piano.
Fortunately, the fate was on my side. I have exactly one member in my family with a piano, my uncle… he lives about 300 kilometers away, but he was going to celebrating his birthday in 2 weeks (the birthday was last weekend Razz). This was my chance. In the next two days I was looking for an old keyboard to practise all the handholds you’ve teached me in the “für Elise” tutorial. I’ve found one on a scrapyard (it was broken, but the keys where still ok.) and from this moment I was practising every minute in my free time on “für Elise” with this old, mute keyboard (I think, it looked like I was mad, but fortunately, nobody saw me… anyway >.<)

the time has gone and my big day was coming.
The party was… well… boring. I waited until the moment my uncle was free of party guests and I asked him with my loveliest cat-gaze and my greatest smile… it worked!^^
There it was. A real piano and it sounded like…. a real piano! At the beginning I played some basics like “twinkle little star” as bloody bad as I only could do it. The rest of my family noticed the bad results of my efforts and lost their attention. But this was just a camouflage and all fits into my plan. I needed two things… just a little more feeling on a real piano (with sound!) and the right moment. I had a very good piano-teacher, so I was convinced, that I could do it. After about 10 minutes, my sister was coming in with her mobile-phone. She said:”look, I gonna try to phone, but i can’t understand just one sentence, cause of your horrible jingle!”
“Ok, I bring it to an end. But, just one song… for you, yes?”
The way she looked at me told me two things:
1.She thought ”What the (@^% is wrong with you, René?!”
2. She was very angry with me.
But this wasnŽt my problem. I’m a fantast. So I closed my eyes and in the next moment I was one of that guys who plays in front of thousands of people, one who practised weeks over weeks for that single moment… and now was my moment. I opened my eyes and played the song…für Elise.
Ok, it was just the first part you’ve shown me and i think it was a bit to slow, but i was proud of me. After I’ve ended the song with the 3 A’s, I was turning around and saw the picture of my life: About 15 people, all looking at me and no one has closed his mouth.

That was “My Elise day” story, but I think I’ve to tell you some more information about me.
I’m going to become a teacher as well. I study a subject called “business informatics” and that’s very expensive. At the end of the month, my account says:” €rr0r” and thats why I can’t learn piano at the moment. But I’m still watching your tutorials. Why? It’s quite easy to say.

1. I’ve tasted the forbidden fruit, it’s still my plan to learn piano some day.
2. I can improve my English skill.
3. Piano theory => ocarina theory.
4. You teaching me also, how to teach.^^

You are the teacher of the 21th century! I’m proud to be a kind of your colleague. (sad, that nobody want’s to see my subject at youtube Razz)

Liebe Grüße (best wishes Smile)


Smile What an awesome story! It must've been nice to play fur elise for everyone.
Admin Andrew
Admin Andrew

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A fur elise surprise Empty Re: A fur elise surprise

Post by tomomimorgan Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:44 pm

Wow this story is so nice... very fun! (I wonder what his sister's face looked like when he was done Very Happy)
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Intermediate Pianist

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