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Modern Materials in Piano Manufacture

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Modern Materials in Piano Manufacture

Post by Christopher Pilcher on Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:05 am

Listening to Synthogy's Ivory Grand Fazioli and their other recorded piano sounds I wonder if there has been any attempt make to use carbon fiber inthe construcion of pianos; and if so how these have stood up to use.
I like to undertake minor repairs on my own pianos and those of friends , one of the things I've done is to cover worn hammers with shammy leather; that is after reshaping them. The result was really rather pleasing giving a more mellow tone without loosing any volume.
Having worked most of my life in mechanical engineering I know there is a wide range materials just crying out to be tried.
I have found only one site, Piano Hammers, which makes some reference to the above .
One of the best sounding pianos I owned was a 1986 Carl Ecke, I found this when I was living in S.Africa. The interesting story is that when on a business trip to a mining area (about 1970), I came across a Carl Ecke in what was the mine's recreation hall - I was very impressed with its tone and kept an eye on the news papers for a used Carl Ecke; finally I found one at an affordable price.
Unfortunately I moved from the coast inland where the relative humidity was just the opposite to the coast. The result was that the tuning pins would no longer hold.
I did remove all the pins and have them copper plated to a larger diameter.
The next part in the saga is that I had to move here to the UK and parted company with the Ecke which in turn has gone to Melbourne in Aussie.
So- there we are ;and here pianos of any age are two a penny !

Christopher Pilcher
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