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how to play this song?

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how to play this song? Empty how to play this song?

Post by frank on Sat Jun 12, 2010 6:04 pm

How can I play this song on piano?

This is the beginning of the song (I can't post all, you can buy it at the website from the composer)

how to play this song? Memories-start

The melody is no problem:

but I have problems with the chords:

- they sound wrong when played on piano. Maybe there are better ones, which sounds better on piano for this song?
- how should I play the same note in the chord and in the melody for the last two notes in the second bar?
- any ideas for fingering for the chords? The distance between second and third note in the first bar is too big for me, but I could play the third note with the right hand. Is this a good idea in general to play chords with some fingers of the melody hand?

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