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Alot of small questions. Can you help?

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Alot of small questions. Can you help?

Post by MidoriTake on Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:58 am

Hello I have just several small questions lol.

Ive been playing piano for about 8 months using the tutorials for songs off of youtube and only about 4 weeks ago I decided I wanted to learn how to read the sheet music for songs that I would like to play that are not restricted to youtube. So my questions are:

1. I know that being able to mentaly read the notes (even if it takes a bit of time to do so) is totaly different from being able to coordiante your fingers to the correct keys without having to look down and make sure that you are pressing the right key. I think this is called sight playing / sight reading. But heres the question is that something that will come along as you progress usually with time? or is it something you train yourself to do?

2. Can someone give some tips on how to be able to site read? ex. practices I can do that will help with eye finger coordination.

3. I practice for a usual of 4 or so hours at a time if im really into playing i can practice for up to 8 hours or more which i do often. Can someone draw out a simple plan of practice for me to follow in warming up and just general practice. ex. step one, step 2 and so on and so forth.

4. How long does it generally take before you can read level 1 piano sheets using the site reading without having to check your fingers? I would like to have an answer based on your idea or based on how long it took you before you could read and play notes comfortably.

I do have a goal for the end of this year to be able to read at least to level 2 piano sheets and play them comfortably on piano. I know that this takes lots and lots of work and I am prepared to put in lots of hours or else I wouldnt be playing for 4+ hours a day. So if you can help me reach my goal by giving advices on practices I can do and general things that helped you it would be much appreciated. Also to give you a brief over view of my equips i have a 61 key keyboard with a sustain pedal if that makes any difference on practice habits.

Once again thankyou for all imput and I hope that this thread can help others who are like me and are having a few problems on knowing whats next how to practice efficiently and become a better pianist.

Thankyou Very Happy

*if it can give you an idea of what lvl my skills are at ill attach a piece of music im learning currently. For this piece it takes me like 2 mins to find out what notes it is then i look down and take another 5 mins on locating where to play those notes then about 10 mins to be able to play it to a small degree.

Also here is me playing what I read on the sheets so far I gave it an ending but its missing about 4 barlines which im currently trying to learn. But this is me playing it.

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Re: Alot of small questions. Can you help?

Post by VictorCS on Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:23 am

I started reading 2-3 weeks ago, and aslong as you got a picture of the circle of fifths and a picture of where the keys are on the staff you'll learn it fast.

I have some sight read ablility, I usually read one bar at a time, while playing it, first the treble clef, then the bass clef. and then I memorize before I move on.

I always analize the sheet before I start, because then I can see if something repeats ( it always does ). I dont know about how fast you'll be able to sightread lvl.1 sheets tho.

I play about 1-2 hours a day.

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Re: Alot of small questions. Can you help?

Post by 1748 on Wed Dec 23, 2009 10:09 pm

wow i think you are not reading...but you slowly memorized it
i even cant read that...for beginner because my song is children song...likes marry had a little lamb
1st i cant read it but after you comfort with hand position you will not need to see the key down
troble its come when hand position change from C middle to c major ithe both hand must learned again...

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Re: Alot of small questions. Can you help?

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