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Different styles and genres....

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Different styles and genres....

Post by VictorCS on Wed Jul 02, 2008 11:19 pm

What I'm looking for is a book or page on the internet that could explain different music styles etc. I know scales are a part of it, what's blues without the blues scale? But when you take a deeper look... A waltz moves in a "waltz" pattern, and Jamacian music has it's own beat... There are alot of different styles and genres out there, and I would love to study different types... I've started to get the hang off the arabian style, but that's only because I actually have listened to alot of music from the middle east, so I know how it sounds and what sounds they make, and what patterns they use.

But I'm kinda blind when it comes to other styles, would be great to learn what's makeing that style sound like that etc. After playing Crysis ( when you see the first sunlight ) I became a fan of the island-orcestra style, probably not the name for it, but the use both "tribemusic" and trumpets etc. And one of you, I dont remember, improvised a waltz if I dont remember right. Most styes have ther own characteristic.. Lets say I want a kinda beachy sound, I've found two pieces I just love from Final Fantasy that have this klind of sound. It's happy and fresh, kinda hawaii'an?

I know the examples are guitar, but the still sound hawaii'an with any instrument ^_^

FF8, Breeze ( think I've posted this before here somewhere ):

FF7, Costa Del Sol:

I hope this wasnt to confusing, I write "on-the-fly", and it's 1AM, but anyway, I dont have a piano right now, so why not use some time and read music theory study

EDIT: I found out that Costa Del Sol is based on "Bossa Nova", some kind of brazilian style... I want style knowledge now lol!

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Re: Different styles and genres....

Post by Admin Andrew on Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:55 am

I LOVE these two songs with a passion! Just LOVE them. They're great! I'd learn guitar just to play these songs on the instruments they were written for.

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