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Play By Ear (Iphone)

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Play By Ear (Iphone)

Post by goodell on Sat Apr 09, 2011 12:39 am

Hey guys. I haven't been around here in awhile, but I always like to come back when I find a cool new piano related thing.

I found this free Iphone app called playbyear, it shows you a note on a staff, then plays an interval using the speaker. You look at the first note on the staff, and try to figure out the next note.

For example it will show a C on a staff, then it will play a C followed by a G, and you will have to figure out the G. It recognizes the note you play on your instrument and lets you know if you got it right after you play it. It lets you decide which intervals it will test you on, and eventually you can move on to chords or short melodies if you feel up to it.

Very cool for anyone interested in ear training, I think he also has an online app, but there's no pitch recognition. Oh yeah, and it's free!
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