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My New Harmony - Chromaticsm Thread

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My New Harmony - Chromaticsm Thread

Post by kentaku_sama on Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:11 am

Aside from atonal, Chromaticism is ,by my definition, "A style of composition and improvisation that doesn't contain keys, but instead follows one of 6 special modes or 'Tone Set Systems' (TSS)." Unlike major and minor modes, TSS are special modes which have them self, with their general theory and cannot be modulated unlike traditional harmony. So we have 6 Keys. Cool
I haven't figured out the harmony yet but I have this rule down, although, I may change the TSS's later.

Read all about the nondiatonic music at:

Love to hear some ideas you guys had. For any means, this is not serialism! It's Chromaticism! Laughing
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