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Just bought a Roland 300GX and need some help

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Just bought a Roland 300GX and need some help

Post by Crossfire on Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:40 pm

Hi everyone,

So, here's my story:

I've been playing piano for a year now, never played a keyboard / stage piano before. I just bought a Roland 300GX. I started playing and it sounds really bad. For a piano like this with all the great reviews i must be doing something wrong, I hope you guys can help me out.

I'm playing on superiour grand piano mode and the high and low notes sound reasonable. Middle C up until G sounds like an organ instead of a piano. I've also tried the other piano modes but they all sounds bad.

I would like to get the most basic true to normal piano mode possible to start off with, since i'm really new to this.

Second issue is that the output sound on my headphones is quite soft while the sounds on the piano is maxed out. I'm looking to buy a professional amplifier and speakers, this of course would give louder sound but will it also improve overal sound quality? What and how will an amplifier improve?

Is there any other additional equipment you'd advice? I'd also like to start recording music on my macbook (i've managed to do so already through USB midi and garageband What a Face )

As said, i've been playing piano for a year, if I notice the bad sound quality it's saying something Neutral . I'm using a HD sennheiser headphone (not one of the best but reasonable)

Looking forward to your suggestions and tips. It also would be very helpful if someone would enjoy helping me through msn.


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Re: Just bought a Roland 300GX and need some help

Post by ionas on Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:39 pm

If the middle "zones" play a different instrument, maybe you have split the keyboard up into multiple zones (probably called split function or something). Its a common function of midi keyboards that you can set different zones to play different instruments. check your manual.

Do you have a good stereo system for listening too music?

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