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Books of Czerny

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Books of Czerny

Post by Elishia on Fri Mar 19, 2010 4:30 pm

I am looking for some books to progress in piano playing and I found some of czerny's. But now I'm wondering in what order the books are best to be learned or which are really useful (or if you know any better books).
I am kinda a complete beginner.

I have:
24 Piano Studies for the Left Hand Op.718
30 New Studies in Technics Op.849
40 Daily Exercises, op 337
100 Progressive Studies, op 139
110 Easy and Progressive Exercises, op 453 (Think to start with this)
125 Exercises in Passage Playing, op 211
160 Eight-Measure Exercises, op 821
Octave Studies, Op553
Practical Finger Exercises Op.802
Preliminary School of Finger Dexterity, op 636
The Art of Finger Dexterity, op 740
The Little Pianist, op 823 (And this)
The School of Velocity, Op 299

Anyone have some suggestions or thoughts about these books?
Thanks in advance!

Beginner pianist
Beginner pianist

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Re: Books of Czerny

Post by Kiwi on Sun Mar 28, 2010 6:26 pm

Well I just downloaded the School of Velocity, Art of Finger Dexterity and 110 Easy and Progressive Exercises from IMSLP.
I dont know what is your Piano level, but you seem to be a beginner like me. School of Velocity and Art of Finger Dexterity are just out of reach to me... for now. Although I keep on practicing the first exercises of both books at very slow speed.
The first five exercises from 110 Easy... are quite good IMO. But I cant play that silly Alberti bass from exercise 6.
Well all Czerny sheets are available for free at IMSLP. You just need a printer. So go take a look.
PS : I will check "the little pianist" out. Sounds good to me ^^

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