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Andrew's piano lessons Empty Andrew's piano lessons

Post by SenilityBeckons on Wed Aug 19, 2009 3:43 pm

Hi there,

I'm a complete beginner with very little musical talent. However, I enjoy listening to good music and recently stumbled across your (Andrew's) excellent piano lessons and have already learnt a great deal from them. One thing that would help me greatly would be a video of Andrew dissecting an intermediate level piece (which he has never played before) from looking at its score, explaining his thought process as to how he thinks it should be played, how he interprets the dynamics, fingering patterns, integrating left and right hand, etc. Finally, at the end of the lesson(s), the piece could be played in say, half tempo, enabling beginners to appreciate how an advanced pianist goes about constructing and perfecting a piece of music, given its score.

Any chance of such a video being uploaded soon?

In any event, your selflessness in trying to bring the joys of good piano playing to the world is much appreciated,

Thank You.


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Andrew's piano lessons Empty Re: Andrew's piano lessons

Post by ROBIN on Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:51 am

hi senility and welcome ...yeah it would be a great vid ..but i think it may take a lot of time to make though ..andrews vids do give us the knowledge to be able to do these things is just up to us how we use it and in which order Wink

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Andrew's piano lessons Empty Re: Andrew's piano lessons

Post by Klavier on Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:51 am

I second that this would be an incredibly helpful video because going through the motions of a semi-complicated piece which is still attainable for beginners can be a hard thing to accomplish if you don't know HOW to deconstruct a piece. Smile

With Andrew's great teaching methods it will be incredibly inspirational when he breaks complicated pieces into something beginners can get their heads around so then they can go away and think, "I guess I will be able to play piano and those complicated pieces which I love so much" Razz

For a beginner complicated pieces look daunting and unachievable and even though they may not be able to play an entire say, Level 6 piece right from the outset, they will learn it isn't so incredibly hard and can work on the simple sections, practice the harder ones along with other lower level pieces until *Bingo!* they can do a part they couldn't do a week or 2 ago and gradually gain in confidence until they eventually can tackle the whole of the piece they so love and thought they could never do. Razz

Just because someone's fingers are new to piano simply means they need more inspiration and drive to get those fingers working and there is no greater determination than being able to play your favourite piece, even if its only a section. Very Happy
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Andrew's piano lessons Empty Re: Andrew's piano lessons

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