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Tony Macalpine stuff

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Tony Macalpine stuff Empty Tony Macalpine stuff

Post by Ermijo on Tue Apr 07, 2009 11:43 am

Hello. I am big fan of Tony Macalpine - on youtube there are many pieces.
I recommend my favourite:

1. "Tears of Sahara"
2. Autumn Lord
3. Hundreds of Thousands
4. Key to the city
5. Sacred Wonder
6. Porcelan Doll - (LOL it is fantasie about Chopin Sonata Wink must hear )
7. Stream dream
8. Winter In Osaka
9. Violent Machine
10. Mr Destructive
11. Empire In The Sky
12. The taker
13. Edge Of Insanity
14. The Sage
15. Time Table (my fav )
16. Futurism
17. Asturias KV467 nr. 21 (fantasie about Bach ???)
18. Cry A Tear from album "Eyes Of The World - 1990" (nice guitar solo)

... and more and more ...

I like Vitalij Kuprij music too (he is piano/keyboard king)

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