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 2801 tomomimorgan tomomimorgan2009-01-30unknown24    
 2802 avatar fgmidori2010-12-30unknown0    
 2803 avatar Alexander Lironi2010-05-26unknown14    
 2804 avatar MyP&V2009-11-20unknown17    
 2805 elpianissimo elpianissimo2011-02-03unknown0    
 2806 avatar lisa_larios2009-08-10unknown9    
 2807 avatar MatthieuStepec2011-02-03unknown0    
 2808 avatar Qppa2008-09-28unknown4    
 2809 avatar HurdSince end Oct 20102010-11-06unknown4    
 2810 alessio alessio2009-06-22unknown12    
 2811 patricia1290 patricia1290I am still a beginner2010-09-08unknown0    
 2812 Lidia LidiaI'm not playing:D(not yet)........i'm still learning2009-08-10unknown6    
 2813 avatar alsmatsince October 20082010-06-23unknown2    
 2814 avatar georger2008-12-22unknown9    
 2815 aendym aendymAugust 20092009-07-26unknown208    
 2816 avatar David da Loon2009-08-16unknown0    
 2817 avatar abrighamSince April 4th 20102010-04-05unknown1    
 2818 LauraaRose LauraaRoseJust started at the musicschool 2009-08-29unknown1    
 2819 avatar NIEEENx32009-06-30unknown0    
 2820 avatar NinjuhMoo2009-02-05unknown0    
 2821 laura_ laura_over 1 month i guess2008-10-16unknown0    
 2822 a0z0ra a0z0ra2008-07-16unknown11    
 2823 TheGirl TheGirl2008-07-20unknown3    
 2824 Cynthia Cynthia2008-03-08unknown1